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Duży tatuaż autorski na plecach

Emil Ćwik TattooArt & Craft

"Licho Nie Śpi" (The Wicked Never Sleeps), calligraphy, and Gdańsk are what distinguishes his tattoos. Emil studied design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk. Now, he creates original tattoos. [...]

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Minimal Gdańsk Subtle Tattoos

Someone once said that small is beautiful. These tattoos are a response to the expectations of those who love minimalism, as well as subtlety and precision.[...]

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Helli Mos a combination of surrealism and realism

Colorful surrealist tattoo is a form of art that transcends the boundaries of reality, combining different elements and creating extraordinary compositions. In this technique, the tattoo artist can go far beyond the limits of imagination, merging elements from different worlds, such as animals with [...]

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Adam Ziotewicz Abstract Tattoo

Ziotewicz, the Black Graphic Tattoo Artist - he graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Toruń. He particularly enjoys creating large, splattered compositions, full of vibrant lines and distinctive "grime." He loves to replicate ink splatters, drips, and brush textures on the skin. He typically w[...]

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Oktawia and the Fairy’s Magical

In the heart of picturesque Gdańsk, amidst narrow streets and historic townhouses, lived an extraordinary fairy named Oktawia. Her small, charming house was located at the end of Mariacka Street, known for its beautiful amber shops and an atmosphere full of magic.[...]

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Realism in black and gray tattoos by Artem

Realistic black and gray tattoos are characterized by the exceptional use of tones and shades, creating a three-dimensional impression. The tattoo artist, using various shades of black and gray, is able to replicate the finest details, resulting in incredibly realistic images.[...]

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Alina at the edge of street ignorance

Alina at the edge of street ignorance, also known as a popular tattoo style. Bold lines, flat fillings, and simplified form. That's what you can expect from her. nowylepszyszatan. new? better? devil?[...]

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Marta the dark side of the tattoo

Marta the dark side of the tattoo, I invite you today to another story of the descriptive and immersive kind, introducing a specific character. This time, I will present to you the embodiment of darkness - Marta. However, darkness in Sillou's rendition is certainly not as frightening as it may seem.[...]

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Michał abstrakcyjno-graficzny tatuażysta Michał abstrakcyjno-graficzny tatuażysta Michał abstrakcyjno-graficzny tatuażysta Michał abstrakcyjno-graficzny tatuażysta Michał abstrakcyjno-graficzny tatuażysta Michał abstrakcyjno-graficzny tatuażysta

Michal, the abstract-graphic tattoo artist

MICHAŁ Gierałtowski feels most comfortable in the graphic or illustrative style. His work cannot be easily categorized because he is constantly searching for his own style in tattooing. He experiments with the Ignorant style, but his artistic education prevents his designs from being haphazard. Th[...]

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Julia Defies My Skin

We invite you to get acquainted with a tattoo artist who has set her sights on challenging areas. If she can create beautiful, feminine, or simply ornamental delicate tattoos on those places, then she can certainly do so on other parts of the body.[...]

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President of Professional Piercers Poland and the Mother of Polish Piercing. That's how our Beti is called by the members of the association she takes care of.[...]

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Ola Brunke Tricity piercer

Ola Brunke Tricity piercer (Gdańsk, Gdynia, Sopot) who works at Sztorm. What did she do before starting her adventure in performing piercings? Is piercing the first alternative method of "decorating" people that she is involved in?[...]

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Magda the multitasking ninja

Magda the multitasking ninja has arrived, and it's time for her presentation. You probably already guessed who I'm referring to...[...]

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Julia loves large tattoos. She got her first one right after turning 18 and caught the bug! By pure chance, she ended up at a small tattoo studio where she met her husband. He's a tattoo artist.[...]

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Radosław Błaszczyński – born and raised in Krakow

Radosław Błaszczyński - born and raised in Krakow. He has nurtured many talented artists under his wing. How did it all begin?[...]

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The editor-in-chief of Tattoofest Magazine since 2022, whose first issue was released in 2007. Thanks to it, we absorb knowledge and pass it on to others.[...]

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