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President of Professional Piercers Poland and the Mother of Polish Piercing. That's how our Beti is called by the members of the association she takes care of.

Beti has been involved in various types of piercings since 2011. She did her first piercing on herself, but even then she knew that the equipment needed to be sterilized! Shortly after, she completed her first (and not the last!) piercing course and began to engage in it more professionally. In her work, she attaches great importance to your safety during piercings, sterility, and the quality of the services provided. She will always patiently explain all matters to you, from the most basic to the intricate and complicated ones.

Why the nickname "Mother of Polish Piercing," you may ask? We're eager to provide an answer. The President of Professional Piercers Poland, together with the aforementioned association, raises the level of piercing in Poland. Their goal is primarily to support Polish piercers in deepening their knowledge of anatomy, piercing techniques, and hygiene. It is essential to increase knowledge and awareness among individuals interested in this field and educate them about the risks associated with body piercing by unqualified individuals. Additionally, Beti is the organizer of the first piercing conference in Poland. Another edition has already taken place this year.

Being the president of an association, organizing conferences, and performing several piercings daily may seem like a significant number of tasks, but that's not all Beti does on a daily basis! At Sztorm Tattoo Studio, she ensures that we never lack anything. It's safe to say that she brings an energy of order and organization. She also takes care of our plant hospice, which currently houses a considerable number of specimens! Now, she is President of Professional Piercers Poland.


Privately, Beti loves spending time by the water, surrounded by nature. She starts almost every day with yoga, which plays an important role in her life. If she were to create her own universe, it would certainly include a large number of alpacas.

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