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Julia loves large tattoos. She got her first one right after turning 18 and caught the bug! By pure chance, she ended up at a small tattoo studio where she met her husband. He's a tattoo artist.

In addition to tattoo artists and piercers, whom you often see on our social media, there are also people behind the scenes who ensure the smooth operation of the studio. Today, it's time to introduce Julia and what she specifically does at Sztorm and how she ended up here. I'll tell you everything in a moment.

Since the age of 19, she has worked as a sales representative. Why such a choice? She loves working with people, can't sit still, and is always on the go. She describes herself as someone who, if they can't enter through the door, will find a way through the window.

Now that we have a brief understanding of her character. Let's answer the question - how did Julia end up at Sztorm?

Let's recap

She loves tattoos, got her first one right after turning 18, and caught the bug! By pure chance, she ended up at a small tattoo studio where she met her husband, who is a tattoo artist. Since then, a significant part of her life has revolved around tattoos. When she needed a change, she came across a job opening at Sztorm, and that's how our paths crossed in a classic way.

In the studio, she takes care of organization - both in paperwork and the calendar. She meticulously manages deposits, appointment confirmations, and rescheduling. She does everything to ensure that the tattoo artists don't have to worry about these aspects. Invoices, which can be daunting for us, pose no problem for her. HR matters are also a piece of cake for her.

She is the mother of two teenagers, so she has a great deal of patience. In her free time, she relaxes by going on fishing trips.

At home, she has a real menagerie - two cats named Rychu and Kitu, a hairless guinea pig named Paździoch, and a fish-filled aquarium. And, you know... Julia loves large tattoos!


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