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Radosław Błaszczyński - born and raised in Krakow. He has nurtured many talented artists under his wing. How did it all begin?

Radek took his first steps in the industry over 20 years ago, in 2001. Together with his wife, Anna Kudelska, they started with a small studio in a tenement house in the streets of Krakow. It wasn't an easy journey, as they encountered numerous difficulties in the beginning. However, Radek's perseverance transformed the small studio into one of the largest and most renowned tattoo studios in Krakow, and later in Poland - Kult.

In 2006, he came up with the idea of "Tattoofest Convention", an event that brings together tattoo art enthusiasts. The first edition featured 27 exhibitors. In the latest edition, we had the pleasure of witnessing over 400 artists in action, and in 2023, nearly 500.

The following year marked the beginning of another story. In 2007, he initiated the publication of the Polish monthly magazine about tattoo art, "Tattoofest Magazine". Recently, it underwent a small revolution - transitioning from print to digital format. The magazine still includes articles written by its founder.

In 2018, Sztorm emerged on the tattoo studio map in Gdansk.

It is a place where Radek dedicates a great deal of his energy and time.

Tattooing is our boss's immense passion, and despite many years since he entered this world, I have the impression that his interest in the industry continues to grow. Enthusiasm, eagerness to act, and ambition ensure that the aforementioned projects are not the end.

Privately, Radek loves to travel and has visited many countries. During his explorations, he often deviates from the beaten path to delve into what is often invisible at first glance.

Countless conventions visited, both in Poland and abroad, numerous conversations with people. Colloquially speaking, those who are passionate about tattoos, thousands of tattoos observed, forging new paths. That's Radek in a nutshell.

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