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Opportunity in a tattoo studio

Opportunity in a tattoo studio? Jobs are waiting for you. We will hire experienced tattoo artists as well as talented artists who want to dedicate themselves to tattooing.

  • What do we expect?
    A boundless love for tattoos. Knowledge of the principles of drawing, composition and coloring. Artistic abilities. Creativity and ambition. A defined style. A smile on your face
  • What we offer.
    A storming jacket and good coffee. Work in a modern tattoo parlor. Great atmosphere. A contract of employment. Cool money.

Write to us, let’s get to know each other! Please attach your portfolio.

And so straight writing. This is the best job in the world! If you have an artistic bent, but nevertheless understand how the modern world functions, this is something for you. Since this is primarily a job with people, the consequence is to meet interesting people and make new friends. We often travel to tattoo conventions and thus we are constantly up to date with all the new, trends in tattooing. We cooperate permanently and very closely with Tattoofest magazine, the Krakow international tattoo convention. The same name as well as the Krakow Kult. Besides, this tattoo studio has co-created and co-founded the Polish tattoo scene. Many already Kult tattoo figures have come out of its interiors.

The most important thing

The most important thing for us is the atmosphere in the studio and we work on it every day. We look for a compromise between the feeling that it is work and looseness, because, after all, it is a tattoo studio. We are very happy. that this is appreciated by our clients, because every year they are more and more numerous. This is also respected by tattoo artists, who exceptionally do not rotate as often as in some tattoo studios. It is on the basis of dialogue with them that we always look for solutions that everyone is ultimately satisfied with.

We invite you to send your portfolio and simply, to arrange a coffee and talk about tattooing and possible mutual opportunities that we can profitably exchange.

Opportunity in a tattoo studio

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