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"Licho Nie Śpi" (The Wicked Never Sleeps)

"Licho Nie Śpi" (The Wicked Never Sleeps), calligraphy, and Gdańsk are what distinguishes his tattoos. Emil studied design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk. Now, he creates original tattoos.
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Emil Ćwik TattooArt & Craft, driven by a passion for art and a respect for craftsmanship. His passion is transferred onto clients who value unique tattoos.

I usually begin descriptions of specific individuals from the Sztorm team with a brief introduction, at least minimally depicting the person being described. However, when it comes to expressing Emil in words, I will get straight to the point.

Emil Ćwik TattooArt & Craft embarked on his journey into the world of tattoos quite early, during high school. At that time, this unconventional, strange, and undiscovered form of expression fascinated him. However, in order to elevate his skills and craftsmanship, he realized the importance of practice and honing his craft. After completing his studies at an art high school, he pursued design at the Gdańsk Academy of Fine Arts.

Although Emil Ćwik TattooArt & Craft was already familiar with tattoos, during his studies, he set them aside for a while. Before fully dedicating himself to tattoos again. He engaged in various pursuits, from freelancing for different agencies to creating graphics and drawings.

His designs are 100% handmade.

Emil's approach to creating a tattoo design deserves a separate paragraph in this whole discourse. Each design is created by hand. His imagination takes the lead in the drawing process, accompanied by learning and knowledge, as well as experience. When he receives a theme or concept from a client, his mind plays a short film of everything he has seen and knows. Emil Ćwik TattooArt & Craft based on that, he transfers his vision onto paper. However, if the theme falls within unfamiliar realms, he delves into research and analysis to best shape the ideas.

His tattoos reflect what he loves most and has cherished for a long time: drawing. In recent years, he has also become immersed in lettering. Whether it's small throw-ins or larger compositions, his work is highly distinctive, and the number of tattooed "old souls" is hard to count. The same applies to calligraphy intertwined with snakes.

However, that's not the only thing occupying Emil's mind. His interests extend to books, regardless of their form. Paper or audiobooks, comics, art in its broadest sense, encompassing various aspects, as well as cryptocurrencies and design. Which taught him the art of designing. They can be compared to tattoos, residing at the border between art and craftsmanship.

I won't leave you without a conclusion in this text. The punchline will be the "10,000 hours" theory, which I encourage you to delve into, as it will shed some light on Emil's character. In March 2023, he found himself on the cover of Tattoofest magazine — read the interview with him.

Emil Ćwik Art & Craft, nothing more to add, nothing more to say. Feel free to get in touch.