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Ola Brunke Tricity piercer (Gdańsk, Gdynia, Sopot) who works at Sztorm. What did she do before starting her adventure in performing piercings? Is piercing the first alternative method of "decorating" people that she is involved in?

First and foremost, let me quickly provide an answer to one of the questions posed in the introduction. For the past five years, Ola has been involved in alternative hairstyling - creating braided compositions and making dreadlocks. On her Instagram profile @dreadlocksbyola, you can see projects that were created in collaboration with various photographers and models.

Ola Brunke is a piercer from the Tricity area who, before embarking on her journey at Sztorm, worked at a dreadlock salon. Since then, you can count on one hand the number of dub events in the Tricity that Ola has missed.

Ola is an ambitious person who constantly seeks personal growth. As a result, over time, doing dreadlocks was no longer enough for her. She decided it was time to find another passion, of course, not an easy or ordinary one! That's when she discovered piercing.

Ola Brunke Tricity piercer who works at Sztorm.

She immediately immersed herself in the atmosphere and community that requires continuous development and further education. Including attending conferences and training sessions. Before the protagonist of today's post began her journey with this form of alternative body adornment. She started her journey with Sztorm, where she has been working for two years now. She worked at the reception, assisting you, answering questions, and taking care of things!

To this day, in addition to piercing, she is involved in creating social media content and shaping the content you see there. She is responsible for sterilization and overseeing clothing campaigns featuring graphics created by Sztorm's tattoo artists. The number of tasks is quite extensive, but the energy and creativity she possesses mean that this is not the end of the list!

She writes articles on piercing, which you can find on TattooArtist, and she attends conventions. She indulges in her immense passion for photography and modeling. Both posing and assisting in or organizing photoshoot sets bring her great satisfaction. So if you don't find her at Sztorm or at home, look for her in the photo studio.

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