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When is the tattoo healed?

When is the tattoo healed? The moment we all impatiently await. But when can we be certain it’s done? What signifies our tattoo’s healing? This process doesn’t occur suddenly, within a specific timeframe. It varies for each person, and only careful observation and proper care will lead us to the desired outcome.

Then, we’ll be left to enjoy our beautiful tattoo. Briefly, what are the stages of tattoo healing? In the first days after leaving our tattoo studio in Gdańsk, it’s an open wound. Lymph and plasma ooze, mixing with ink to create an unpleasant-looking slime. Often, the first morning greets inexperienced tattoo owners with a sight that instills fear. Under the tattoo film, it’s nearly invisible and tacky. Don’t worry. It’s not pus, infection, or other dangerous things. It’s entirely normal phenomena.

When the tattoo stops oozing, the epidermis will undergo visible thickening. It will become raised, rough, and shiny. The skin initiates regeneration and constructs new tissue. This is also the time when the tattoo begins to itch. Under no circumstances should you scratch or peel the flaking skin. The temptation will be significant, and the tattoo may resemble reptile shedding. This is a completely normal process that indicates proper healing. Concern might arise from the fact that the tattoo beneath shedding skin will be notably paler and blurred. This is due to the tissue being very fresh and delicate. After a few days, the tattoo will regain clarity and vibrancy. Around two weeks later, depending on the individual’s body, the entire skin will shed, and the tattoo will once again become distinct. The ink is now well established in our body.

When is the tattoo healed?

The tattoo will look almost as it did immediately after being done. However, the skin continues the regeneration process, even if radical changes are no longer visible. This will persist for some time. Nevertheless, we can already fully enjoy the tattoo and proudly showcase it to the world. Nonetheless, remember not to cease its care. To keep the tattoo looking dazzling for a long time, we must care for it continuously.